Weekend Update with Videostore Girl

2002-10-06 10:24 p.m.

Dr Teeth said:

"Yo? Did you hear what that lady said to me? She was there with her husband, ya know what I'm saying, and she's like 'Gary, do you watch any of those pornographic videos?' And you know, I can't lie because I believe in Allah so I say 'Yeah' and word is bond, she says to me 'Do you agree when men ejaculate their penises on women and rub it over their mouths like a milk moustache?' I mean OH SHIT I mean DAMN! An her husband is right there too and I says 'I usually watch girl/girl porn' and she says, 'Do they penetrate each other in girl/girl porn?' and you know what I'm saying I mean her daughter always come in here and checks me out and I'm thinkin she's askin me this coz she wants me to pop her girl's cherry, ya know what I'm sayin? Word is bond."

So Jeremy quit or was fired, not really sure which, the rumormill spins it both ways. Came in today and asked me to put my number on his cellphone. I did, but begrudgingly, and I'm taking my hesitance as a sign that this mindless flirtation thing is wearing thin and that I'm starting to put faith back into human relationships. Which scares me. Meep.

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