it's a thought

2002-10-07 9:59 p.m.

if i could, i would promise to kidnap you, to steal you away from your 9-5, novelty-tie, water-cooler, small-talk, paper-pushing, mind-numbing job, play hookey, take you away to asbury park where we would own the dark ocean in our solitude, stand beside the bones of the boardwalk, and share kisses with entire families of ghosts or else take the subway all day and all night with no destination, memorize the veins of manhattan, horrify housewives cause rent-controlled old women to exclaim "well look at that" and throw up their hands in disgust and dance dance dance from aristocratic uptown to cotton candy coney island or even just say goodbye goodbye goodbye until we burn off the day light goodbye and never move from the sanctuary of your arms goodbye goodbye goodbye under the pregnant october sky until stars tumble from the moon and our bodies fly up into infinity goodbye. if i could i would but promises feel like romance and romance feels false but it's a thought, that's all, wouldn't-it-be-nice

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