Two Poems Which Feature Lucky Charms (I've been eating a lot of cereal lately. . . )

2002-10-08 11:54 p.m.

Honesty and Reflection
His eyes held the promise of blue electric sex, but his hands, narrow with long jagged nails, made no oaths,
of neither love nor sex nor a future and I wonder now what exactly was the appeal under those
tender, pink, fleshy hands and the torso he shaved so carefully so that his sweat made me think
of a beached whale.

(no, no, i never thought that, only in retrospect does the mind's eye see so clearly you know I think that at the time i was blinded
by hearts, stars, clovers, and marshmallow balloons)

Our conversations were composed in a silence which was never comfortable and I would hear him breathing
but, sinus problems, you know, the air was always tight through his long, narrow nostrils or rattling at the back of his throat and he would pick at the autoerotic selfmutilation scabs that were
like a checkerboard along his soft thick arms

What he loved about me was my honesty and also all the poems I erected in worship of him but I wonder
wonder wonder what he would think if he knew the half of it and honestly the smell of a campfire
punctuated by salty sweat still makes me swoon and hate myself for it and hate him for it. But I've always said passion is passion and passion never dies nohow contrariwise.


In her eyes,
or maybe round blue Lucky Charms marshmallows
sweet and low saccharine brilliance
like the candyland pieces that
across the basement floor the night she kissed her first girl.

She wore her scars
like her nineteen eighties childhood
plastic jewelry bought in supermarkets
for hard won pocket-change
ballerina phosphorescent pink
hugging tight
her wrists and her neck, "No I'm not crazy was never--"

Her beauty failed me.
I didn't
love the moon-face didn't want to paw soft breasts
or brush my chin against her

Heard she promised
to a thousand high school boys and girls,
heard she melted away was it
ecstacy? heroin? every whisper
makes worse and the legend
sparkles like cubic zirconium--
sweet and low saccharine brilliance.

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