The Funny Thing Is, I Got Over It First

16 January, 2004 8:48 p.m.

17 year old drama:

I was getting stressed out about the Mike thing- what I would say to Lori about it (if anything) etc. I asked my mom for advice and she said that if I'm that worried about it, tell him I can't hang out. So this morning he runs up and I'm trying to get up the guts to cancel on him and he says,

"So when're we going to the salvation army? I can't wait. I was just telling Erin Millican about how we're going. They have couches, too there, right? I'm in the market for a couch, but I'll have to pick one up some other time, it might be a bad idea to drag one through Plainfield. I like your skirt. Hey Carter, I'm going tot eh salvation army with Phoebe!"

Oy gevalt. I couldn't do it. So I'll have to find some other way to deal with Lori without hurting her. Sigh.

Oy gevalt!?? Hey Relax. Be selfish for a change. Nows your time to be happy. It is admirable that this situation concerning Lori bothers you; it shows that you are indeed a true friend and really you are :).

Mike sounds really excited about this hunh? He's not putting on any kinds of fronts. Put your troublesome thoughts to the back of your mind for a second, and enjoy thoughts of Mike.

If it really bothers you so much make sure you talk to Lori before you go with Mike (defintiely go though). Anyways talk to her beforehand so its not like your sneaking behind her back (your not though).

Let her shout at you hit you whatever, until she tires herself out. If she ignores you, trust me she'll get over it.

They say they won't get over it, but they always do.

As for you. Have fun kiddo!

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