2002-10-05 11:55 a.m.

I have known

roses whose lies unfurled vulgar in the indiana midnight

have known

african lilies whose tongues were serpentine stamens packed with sex.

I joined hands with

cockroaches ranting in crowded cafeterias on tabletops crying "there is injustice was injustice will always be injustice."

and met the mouthpiece

of a firefly whose brilliant europulsations were destined to fade beneath our partnered wingbeats

but you neither multi-eyed insect nor flower of infinity petals what renders unfathomable

the depth of your arms,

that i would bury myself in your smile,

taste the delicate laughter and yet remain

speechless, uncomprehending?

as though the heat which

passes between our bodies is enough

to annihilate all questions all answers all but

self sweat laughter and heavy dreams.

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