I had no real reason to write anything so I decided to write something.

2002-10-04 1:43 p.m.

Last night, I felt nostalgic and did google searches for all my old role-playing friends. Seems they've all dropped off the face of whatever planet we once lived on, though I have too, as google searches for myself were no more successful.

(If anyone would like to see my art or writing from when I was 14/15, just do a search on google for "Phoebe North" and you'll get to see who I once was)

Anyway, read some poetry then fell asleep on my bedroom floor while I was listening to the rain. Dreamed about arms. Can't really describe it further, don't know if I want to. One of those dreams you could swear was real. Highly erotic for no particular reason.

I almost wish I hadn't woken up. Everything is cold and depressing today. I'm in a cold and depressed mood. Even the internet is depressing feels depressing today, except maybe Thijs with newly spiked hair.

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